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Reflect, Cleanse, Heal, Integrate

spiritual coaching with Woman of Rivers


Meet Lauren

Lauren Ashley is a spiritual coach and wellness practitioner who shares tools for spiritual growth and healing. For 7 years she has used the tarot as a tool for self-development, divination, and meditation personally and for two years professionally.

Her purpose as a coach is to relay the messages and tools her clients need to walk the path of their purpose with discernment and integrity. 

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My Expertise

Lauren specializes in supporting her spiritual coaching and intensive clients in: 


  • Navigating times of transition

  • Developing your spiritual routine

  • Learning tools to develop trust in your intuitive ways of knowing

  • Cultivating a relationship with your ancestors, guides, & teachers

  • Showing up and saying yes to your gifts, purpose, & calling

  • Working with the elements through reverence, spiritual herbalism, and ritual

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My Offerings