Get to Know Me



Woman of Rivers

Lauren shares intuitive counsel through channeled readings and spiritual advising

She has used the tarot as a tool for self-development, meditation, and healing for seven years personally and one year professionally

Her purpose as a guide is to relay the transmissions and tools her clients need on their journey

Lauren comes from a long line of sensitives and healers whose legacy of service inspires 
her work: 

rootworkers, land stewards, prayer warriors, psychic dreamers, card readers, pastors, writers, teachers, and spiritualists


Words to Live By

Lauren aspires to the following values for every client she communes with, project she commits to, and within the spiritual tools she creates:

Build a relationship with spirit to continue the respective work of our ancestral bloodlines

Create a space for truth, vulnerability,
and understanding through spirituality


Grow through remembrance of our original  state, authentic selves, and soul missions

Transform limiting perceptions and
beliefs for the evolution of spirit


Elevate energy to align with love, which flows through blocks and clears effortlessly as it is the highest vibrational frequency