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"She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It's good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind." - Toni Morrison

About Woman of Rivers

Lauren is that woman and friend. The gatherer... knower, feeler,

and healer. 

She provides spiritual counsel in New Orleans by way of Tulsa, Oklahoma. For a decade personally and five years professionally
 —  as Woman of Rivers  — Lauren practices divination as a tool for self-development, spiritual connection, and intergenerational healing. The purpose work is to relay messages and tools her clients need to walk the path of their purpose with discernment and integrity.

Woman of Rivers is rooted in a long line of healers — rootworkers, psychic dreamers, prayer warriors, card readers, pastors, writers, teachers — whose legacy of service inspire her studies in psychology, spirituality, holistic health, and indigenous approaches to healing. A beloved teacher, Empress Karen Rose, spoke to Lauren’s abilities as flow and her words as a presence that pushes us forward. 

Her work and studies align with her role as an advocate and sounding board for her family, loved ones, and community. It brings her joy to see others connect with their spirituality, bring healing to their ancestry, and tend to their wellbeing.


My Values

Spiritual Coaching with Lauren provides the practical and prescriptive guidance her clients need by working with their spirit team to deliver relevant, timely, and healing messages.

As a water spirit (in the Dagara tradition) Lauren is a clear channel for her clients reflective, protective, healing, and integrative spiritual work.

With every person she communes with, spiritual tool she creates, or project she commits to Lauren is seating in the following values:

Creating a nurturing environment for reflection, exploration, and self expression

Building a relationship with spirit so that we may
move through the world empowered and protected


Transforming ancestral trauma and healing our relationship with self, family, community, & the earth

Elevating self awareness so that the we may use the lessons and wisdom of the past to create our futures

Education & Training

Masters in Counseling with a concentration in Art Therapy | 2023

Lauren is a provisionally licensed counselor (PLPC) and art therapist (ATR-P) working as a community based therapist under supervision in New Orleans. She utilizes her mental health training in her spiritual practice to support clients in navigating their internal landscape, healing intergenerational trauma, and building psychological fortitude. Resources and referrals for additional support are given often.

Spiritual Herbalism Apprenticeship Levels 1 & 2 | 2022

Learning to live in right relationship with the earth and each other is a life long pursuit. Lauren's training in herbal medicine and indigenous approaches to holistic care strengthen her practice as a tarot reader. She is currently studying and gaining hands on experience in her neighborhood farm ahead of the final level of her apprenticeship at Sacred Vibes Apothecary.

Trauma Informed Breathwork | 2021

Lauren's studies of the breath, our central nervous system, and somatic healing modalities assist her in sharing tools
for clients’ holistic wellbeing. Breathwork enhances her mission of intergenerational healing by teaching her clients techniques for self regulation, emotional release, and spiritual healing. Her training began in the inaugural cohort of Siedah Foxie's Breathwork Training & Mentorship Program for BIPOC.

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