Cut, Clear, Delete Ritual Bath

Cut, Clear, Delete Ritual Bath


✂️ ritual cutting bath: to clear negitivity, unaligned energy, toxicity, release training chords and attachments that are limiting 

prior to drawing your bath: present your honorable ancestors with an offering of libations, flowers, or water. ask them to assisting you in cleansing and cleraing your energy 

take a quick shower or bath to rinse of any debris of the day. then run your bath with warm water. add the cutting bath and soak for as long asyou need

be sure to submerge all parts of your body. being sure to pour the water over your head, the back of your neck, ears, and heart center to cleanse effectively

at the close of your bath be sure to stay in as the water drains. speaking and invisioning that all negitivity is leaving your bodies. once out of the tub be mindful to fill that void by calling your energy back

🌿 24oz bag ingredients: epsom and blessed salt, florida water, herbal blend (rue, rosemary, hyssop) 

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