Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil


🔥 fiery wall of protection oil: fiery wall is a traditional hoodoo formulation for protection. can be used to anoint self, objects (home, car, bike, totems, & amulets), and candles for protection rituals. i must note that the ancestors and plancestors related to this formulation prioritize bipoc work. 

please note: if you do not identify as bipoc I recommend the free & clear oil. if you identify as bipoc and order this oil please note that this strong repellent will keep people, places, and things out of your energy that have ill intentions towards you or their energy isn’t complimentary to your own 

👉🏾 to use: anointing oils are for external use only. anoint self daily (especially if you have just begun your saturn return) or use ritual objects - petitions, money, candles, mojo bags, etc

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