Get Free Oil

Get Free Oil


🙌🏾 free & clear oil: this protection oil aids the user in freeing themselves of limitations associated with one’s authentic self and self expression. charged under the aquarius full moon and sun in leo transit the visionary within is shielded and protected by the strength, courage, and resiliency leo provides. oil can be used to anoint self, objects, and candles for protective rituals. i recommend this oil for any work associated with growth, transformation, and expansion

please note: when we decide to get free we attract and open ourselves up to new possibilities which can bring up fears, doubts, and even attract unwanted energies to our fields who may try to block our blessings. protection magic and spiritual maintenance works best as a routine. helping to fortify your energy and keep you safe from limiting or outdated narratives, toxicity, and malicious energies

👉🏾 to use: anointing oils are for external use only. anoint self daily (especially if you have just begun your saturn return) or use ritual objects - petitions, money, candles, mojo bags, etc

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