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Asking what is our responsibility is perhaps also to ask, What is our gift? And how shall we use it?

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Riverside Chats

Riverside Chats is a three month intensive for connecting with your ancestors, expanding your spiritual routine and developing trust in your intuitive ways of knowing. 

Committing to this work will support you in growing spiritually so that you may walk in your purpose with discernment, protection, and the tools to tend to your wellbeing.

Riverside Chats is for you if...

You want to deepen your connection with your spirit team 

You want to understand how spirit speaks to & through you

You are embrace moments for reflection, reverence, & ritual

You are leaning into your intuitive ways of knowing

You are building a spiritual routine



Your Guide

Lauren supports intensive clients through her dedication to creating a nourishing space for spiritual exploration and growth. Throughout our work together she commits to being a clear channel for your spirit team, listening intently to your needs, and communicating honestly.

Your commitment

We’ll meet three times, once monthly, for 90 minutes. All sessions are recorded via zoom. Between sessions you will receive the audio, notes, & homework for you to refer to throughout the month. Throughout the intensive am also available via email to support you.


In our first session we'll discuss your vision and goals  for the intensive which will guide me in developing your curriculum. You may expect the following to support your exploration: homework, ritual, spellwork, writing prompts, or resources that your spirit team suggests are in alignment with your goals for our work together.

Our Guide

Ancestor Talk Reading

The first session of Riverside Chats utilizes the tarot to receive messages from your benevolent ancestors. Clients explore their role within their lineage, gifts they have received, and healing that is taking place for your family. We also explore ways to develop a relationship with your spirit team through altar work, ritual, and more!

Developing Your Spiritual Routine

Our second session focuses on the development of your spiritual routine to support you in trusting your intuitive ways of knowing, protecting your energy, or taking action with discernment and clarity. Daily, weekly, seasonally, and as needed practices are explored.

Collaboration & Exploration

The final session of the intensive focuses on a topic of your choosing! In the past clients have chosen to explore working with the moon, connecting with your guides, herbs for protection, breathwork for energy, cultivating your spiritual gifts, & intuitive birth chart reading

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

What Clients are Saying

"This was an uplifting, empowering, and validating experience that gave me many new tools to incorporate into my spiritual practice. I also walked away deeper insight about my own work as a healer, how I can protect my energy, and how to powerfully hold space for others. Lauren is a deeply knowledgeable, soulful, and kind teacher and guide. She made me feel so comfortable and welcome in her healing space. She also helped me release feelings of constriction, shame, and self-judgement about my spiritual practice. I would recommend Lauren's work to people who are looking for deep, insightful guidance and for a space to really own who they are and discover their truth.,"


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