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Hi, hello! I welcome and commend you for committing to developing, maintaining, or taking a deep dive into your spiritual practice. Riverside Chats is a three month long intensive for connecting with your ancestors, developing or expanding your spiritual routine and exploring a topic of your choosing 


My role: a fellow traveler who is dedicated to creating a safe space for exploration and growth. You can count on me to listen intently, communicate honestly and be sensitive to your needs

Your commitment: we’ll meet three times, once monthly, for 90 minutes. Throughout the intensive I am also available via email to support the work you're doing. Many seekers enjoy getting to know their spirit team, experimenting with their daily spiritual practice, and learning about new divination or healing modalities


Curriculum: in our first session we'll begin with your ancestor reading. We'll also discuss your vision for the intensive which will guide me in developing curriculum. You may expect the following to support your exploration: spell work, ritual, prompts, homework, or resources that your spirit team suggests are in alignment with your goals for the intensive

Riverside Chats Schedule:

Session 1: Ancestor Talk Reading 

Session 2: Developing Your Daily Spiritual Practice

Session 3: Exploring a topic of your choosing
such as working with the moon, intro to tarot,

or energy healing

Investment: $333 | sent via paypal to

Should you wish to continue your studies you will be eligible to continue your intensive on a month by month basis at a discounted rate

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